I went in for what was a 10 week ultra sound and my first ultrasound. The tech immediately had me worried when she said she couldn’t see anything through the abdominal scan so she did a tranvaginal scan she then contacted my doctor who called me immediately. She told me I was only showing to be 6 weeks so my dates are off or some sort of miscarriage. I was a wreck before she even called me so I wasn’t hearing or thinking correctly when she was giving me the info but i believe she said there is a yolk. I know my dates are not off by 4 weeks since it has been 7 weeks since I had a positive home test and 6 weeks since my family doctor called me with my blood work saying it looks like I’m around 2-3 weeks pregnant. I have to go back for another ultra sound in a week. I took a pregnancy test i had laying around last night and it came up positive with a very dark line (not sure if that info is useful) My mind is pretty set on finding out the worst but I would like to hear everyone’s similar experiences good or bad! This is my first pregnancy. Thank you in advance i am an absolute wreck and not knowing anything for sure is making this so much harder.