I’m so down 👅

So, my boyfriend and I have some pretty bomb sex to begin with, but I thought I’d spruce it up a bit. I bought some basic sex toys, to start out with

He’s coming over tomorrow, and I’m gonna surprise him with some lingerie for the first time as well

I’m excited, and I will be posting an update to tell y’all about it


Y’all, I suck. We had a really mind blowing time, we used a vibrator, and it was really interesting. I don’t know how I feel about it 😅

So, we were in the middle of our foreplay, and my boyfriend is like, “do you have the condoms?”

And I was all like, “‘do I have the condoms?’ Of course I do.”

I reached for the spot in my drawer where we keep our condoms.. and nothing. We were out, but I thought we still had a few left. I was so sad.

This whole situation had me like

My boyfriend, despite being bummed out himself, was assuring me that it was no big deal.

So we made the best of it

He ate me out like there was no tomorrow 😭

Girl, when I tell you this mans tongue was crafted by the gods, you better take my word for it.

I have never cum so hard in my life.

Then he pulls out the vibrator and presses it against my clit.

I saw fucking stars. My ass felt like a cartoon character

I came so hard, I squirted a little. I’ve never had that happen before. My boyfriend took my soul. And he had the biggest grin on his face the entire time. This is when I realized that I was dating Satan 😂 (totally kidding, he was just super prideful).

And when it was his turn, I definitely took advantage of the toys. I handcuffed this hands to my bed post, placed the vibrator on his taint, applied some pressure. At this point, he was already moaning, and I hadn’t even started giving him head yet. I was so excited, my face was like

Then I started flicking my tongue across the head of his penis, started sucking on it, all while moving my hand up and down his shaft. He was practically begging me for more. Once he finished, he was like, “I need replenishment.” 😂

So, we both had some pie, and coffee. It was an amazing night for us.

Even though we would’ve liked to have had sex, we made the best of it. We didn’t use all of the toys I bought, but Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I have many plans for that 😏