BFP!!!! I Can’t believe it!

Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for over TWO YEARS & no luck! Went to the Dr back in October and they said we needed Chlomid to conceive bec I wasn’t ovulating. I told the dr no and decided not to take the medication and to trust God!

What did we do differently?

PRESEED first cycle!!!!!! It really does work I’m telling you!!!!!!!!

Symptoms: 4 days late, cramps 8 days before my AF making me think my AF was going to start any minute. Nervous to take a test and long and behold a BFP!!!!!

Seriously don’t give up! I truly thought this wasn’t in the cards for me at all!!!!!!!!! God proved me wrong! God bless every womb of every woman trying to get pregnant. Trust in God and your blessing will come!!!!!