Feeling frustrated

It’s only our 2nd month of actively TTC and I’m so frustrated I want to cry. I had an ectopic pregnancy 5.5 years ago and opted for a Mirena as soon as the dr would clear me to get it. I kept it for the full 5 years & it’s pretty much wrecked my body. I went through a horrific “Mirena crash” after having it removed also. Last month during my peak ovulation window my husband opted to go out of town with my dad for a hunting trip. Now my peak ovulation window for this month is coming up in a few days and where is he? On a 5 day work trip that I could have attended with him but he didn’t want to spend the money. TTC was his idea and yet I feel like I’m the only one putting forth any effort. I’m the one on prenatals and taking my BBT every morning and peeing on ovulation sticks every day and monitoring every slight change in my body. I have to practically beg for any activity in the bedroom. I realize he’s stressed at work lately but I feel like I’m putting myself through all of this and I’m in it alone. It doesn’t help that everyone who knows we’re TTC constantly wants to know if I’m pregnant yet and what am I supposed to tell them? “My husband finds his way out of town every month when I’m fertile?” I’m just feeling so frustrated and alone in this process and I just wanted to vent it.