Guys make me sad

I’ve been talking to this boy who is amazing in person but once I go home he is a terrible texter and will go several days without talking to me and bails on me last second when we plan to hangout. The other day we were planning to hangout and the night before we were supposed to hangout he was playing his video games really late and I told him jokingly that he better go to sleep at a reasonable time. He ended up pulling an all nighter and worked the next day and we were going to hangout when he got off. So that same morning I told him that we can hangout another day since he’ll be too tired. But he kept saying noooo we’ll hangout. So 10 minutes before I was going to leave my house he texts me saying let’s hangout another day. I got upset because I spent time out of my day to get ready and was planning on picking him up dinner. And this is not the first time he bailed last second on me like that. But after I told him that it was unfair that he cancels last minute he called me controlling and said how he doesn’t like that about me. And I explained to him I was only looking out for him. Telling him To go to bed early wasn’t me being selfish because I wanted to hangout with him but because I didn’t want him suffering from exhaustion at work. And I kinda just swallowed my pride cause I really like him but at the same time I feel like it’s not right and that I’m putting in so much effort and have to beg for his attention. Am I wrong for feeling this way? What should I do :/ someone make me feel better cause I’m feeling really down lol