I need your help ladies 💖


Hi lovelies, this is my first time posting on here... In October my husband and I were blisfully 11 weeks pregnant after exactly 12 months of trying. We had seen the most perfect squidy baba with a perfect heartbeat at 8 weeks and 2 days, but after a week of bleeding at week 11 we found out our babies heartbeat had stopped at 8 weeks 4 days and I had been carrying my angel for weeks. I can't express in words the heartbreak but we picked ourselves up. Well my husband picked me up because he is an absolute hero and decided we wouldn't pressure ourselves on getting pregnant but would practice 🙈 Before we lost the baby my cycles were 31 days long, since i have had 2 cycles both 30 days on the nose. On day 32 i took the test photographed towards the end of the day, it has half a feint blue line (please let me know what you think)

I took another test at day 35 but at 3am as i couldn't contain my

excitement and flooded it in my half asleep eyes and it was negative. I am now on cycle day 38, I feel sea sick in the morning which I never had last time, I am cramping and have a dull ache in my stomach but no sore boobs that i had last time. I've not had a day off for so long so havent brought more tests yet. last time i was pregnant a test didnt show until i was 16 days late 😲 What do you lovely ladies think?!