And it begins​... Am i wrong

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This is way super long but I need options from Mom's who ebf. So a little back story when our daughter was born in 2016 my husband was insistent on formula while I wanted to breastfeed. Between the pushing from my mil and Husband and then a slight drop in supply when I went back to work it became a cascade of things and I gave up. When I got pregnant with our youngest I told everyone if anyone even mentions formula I may rip their tongues out. So fast forward to Last Sunday I wake with an abscess under my left arm. By Monday it doubled in size and I said nope not risking it. Although I have no history of MRSA there isn't a doubt in my​ mind that I have it after being a nurse for many years. So I was given antibiotics and life has gone on. So I am tanking up on yogurt for the probiotics (I hate yogurt and seriously gag eating it) but I am eating 2-3 a day. So last night my husband is holding baby and says I am worried. Uh ok??? He is concerned she is getting dehydrated because her soft spot is slightly depressed. I look at it and just roll my eyes (it's completely normal by the way) as he says I think we need to go get her formula and you need to stop feeding her and pumping until you are done with the antibiotics. Excuse me. I explain she is having 8+ wet diapers a day. He comes back with yeah but she is pooping far more often she was and now had a red butt. Yeah however her poops are absolutely normal, it's not diarrhea or bloody. She is feeding on demand and in everyway is acting her normal self. So he storms off to bed and I stay downstairs which has been normal but I am trying to work on getting baby to sleep in her bassinet so maybe I can sleep in bed. This whole fiasco started again this morning. Because there were 2 diapers ( I left them by where I changed her because I was exhausted after crying for hours so when baby was sleeping I was sleeping and figured I would grab them this morning) he comments well I am sure these are shitty. I just burst into tears again. I am soooo frustrated with this man and his opinions along with his useless man nipples. Before he left after a few more snide comments from him I screamed at him (this has only happened a couple times so I am sure it shocked him) that as soon as he learns to lactate he can have a god damn opinion until then go hook up a fucking TV and stop doubting my medical license (he works in an audio visual Dept). So what would you do, am I wrong?