Anyone else on cooking sprees?


I can't stop cooking, lol. I know many are still not feeling well, but the morning sickness has skipped me altogether. I do get indigestion a lot lately though and everything has to be made from scratch as a result. I can't eat anything processed and also trying to stay mostly healthy (some of these are indulgent vs healthy) to avoid gaining as much as I did with my two previous pregnancies. I love to cook, but normally I balance it out with laziness I think. Even still, some of these are slow cooker meals 🤣 I have probably tried a dozen new recipes the past few weeks. Pregnant people cruising Pinterest and recipe sites is dangerous, though I have to say the hubby doesn't mind at all!!!

Banana bread

White chicken chili

Peach cobbler

Creamy Tuscan Chicken

Sourdough Grilled cheese w/jalapeño/bacon/ blackberry jam

Breakfast tacos

Chicken Shawarma


And my husband may leave me when he finds out I made hamburgers on sourdough with guacamole and bacon for lunch- which was a new one for me and amazing. I just randomly decide I want shit and go on a mission in the kitchen. I never made cobbler before last week (at 9pm) but my fresh peaches were turning!!

Anyone else a cooking machine?