am I overreacting?

Since my boyfriend and i started dating weve always had sunday as a date day.. a day we both have off together and a day we can go out and do something. we both work full time hours and we both are very busy so it is extremely important to me that we take one day a week to build on our relationship and to enjoy each others company. its always worked for us minus a few hiccups. I'm pretty lenient and I don't insist it every weekend if something comes up for him like an opportunity to go snowboarding or an odd shift or two at work I'm pretty cool about it and we just reschedule. My boyfriend started a new job 2 months ago delivering groceries. i made it clear from the start when he made his availability that i would prefer sundays to stick but im open to moving it saturday depending on what worked for his schedule and the company. I work Monday to Friday and he works 2 jobs with only 2 days off a week as well. usually days I have to work. but since we dont see much of eachother during the week ( we work opposite schedules) I was really adamant about my needs in the relationship being met. and by those needs I mean just having one day off together a week to be together. unfortunately he didn't communicate that to his new job... they schedule him both Saturday and Sunday all day and his other job has him work Friday night's.. I've been super understanding and kind in the past but told him to talk to the lady that does his scheduling and ask her to only schedule him either Saturday or Sunday but not both. It is only required to work either saturdsy or sunday but not both at yhis job. It has now been 2 months and nothing has changed. we barely see eachother even though we live under the same roof and im left with all of the household chores including buying groceries and taking care of our cat. im exhausted and want his help and i miss having that time with him. i feel like hes more of a roomate than a boyfriend at this point. we barely even have sex because usually one of us is too tired or I'm mad so I just don't want it. I talked to him today about it. He is on the schedule and i got up earlier than needed just to talk about how I am feeling... he made excuses and then follows with telling me the carpet cleaners are coming Tuesday so I need to clean tonight. I'm pretty sure I overreacted because I started to cry and shout at him. i feel kind of bad but I did have some deep down feelings that needed to come out. I probably could have done it a better way or been more understanding but I feel like he hasn't taken it seriously and I kind of blew up. The truth is I'm exhausted of doing everything on my own.. my job is working in childcare so I spend about 50% of my day cleaning up after kids and sanitizing and mopping so the last thing I want to do on my day off is clean with no help. and on top of that I'm craving that one on one time. he isn't a bad guy regardless of how this post makes him sound. this is the only issue we have but I want it fixed and he keeps making empty promises about how he will fix it but they are just as I said... empty. He left for work and we haven't spoken since the argument. I don't know what to do at this point. I think I need to sit down and talk to him again when we have the time whenever that will be. any tips on how I can keep calm and express my feelings in a way he will understand? How can I get him to compromise with me? please help.