Only 1 period in the past year

I just got my period after having no period for almost a year. I’m 28, never had kids or been pregnant and I’m overweight, but this is the longest my irregular period has taken to show up. I am not on any type of birth control because it gives me constant periods (straight 6 months) or terrible period symptoms when I usually have none (have tried different methods, hormone types, and amounts). Been off bc for almost 2 years. Have had maybe 4 periods since that time.

Anyone had a similar experience? I think I should go back to my OBGYN but every time I do, they can’t find any irregularities in their tests. Anyone have a suggestion of what I can ask them to look for?

I should note that my husband and I are just starting to try to conceive. My interest is in finding any issues early to make conceiving as easy as possible.