He won’t leave..What do I do?

So I’ve been with this guy for 4 months now. He’s 18, I’m 19. He’s a good guy and legit does anything and everything I say. I have 2 kids, he’s really good with them. When we started dating I said yes because I didn’t wanna be mean and seem like the bad guy 😒 I was pretty attracted to him in the beginning, but honestly I’m a country girl and he’s a city boy. It’s pretty difficult for me having someone who don’t share the same interests, like we are polar opposites (And yet that’s supposed to attract?) His only flaw is his anger. No matter where we are if we have a fight he will punch shit. At work (we work together) he will go to the bathroom and punch the shit out of the stalls, then come sit next to me at the break room with his knuckles broken open. We also live together. We moved pretty fast and I was too scared to say anything because I was in love with the thought of love again. Now I’ve realized all these things and I’m not very attracted to him anymore at all...And keep finding myself frustrated with our differences. He won’t leave!! The other day I tried and he punched the walls, started crying, pushed me down on the bed so I couldn’t leave the room, hit me with the pillow, screaming why don’t I love him, told me he will kill hisself and all this other shit. Then when I did leave the room, he calmed down eventually. He came and talked with me telling me he’s okay if I don’t love him because he’s loves me and will do anything to keep me. I’ve pretended to be extremely jealous in hopes that’ll scare him away. NOPE! He will walk into store or public with his head down, so I took it up a notch with not being able to hang out with his friends, this man legit deleted them and ignored there messages. I don’t know what to do and I can’t cheat cause I’m not that person..Ladies I need serious advice