early BFP... worried..


So I usually have 30-32 day cycles. I started taking pregnitude at the end of last month because in December I had what my doctors think was an anovulatory cycle caused by stress. They don't think I ovulated.

so long story short, I finally got my period the 6th of this month. as soon as my period ended I immediately had fertile cm, and a lot of it. so I used OPKs and think I ovulated about 5 days after my period ended.

I just got a BFP on a frer test yesterday afternoon, and a few internet cheapies.

I had a chemical back in July so I'm nervous that I'm going to get my period sometime this week... I don't know exactly when my period is due since my last one was so messed up.

is it ok to get an early positive if you ovulate early? according to my app I'm only 3 weeks and 1 day... super nervous something is wrong or something is going to happen..

any insight would be helpful.