Bled at school

So I was just sitting on the bus listening to music for a looong time. I felt 100% fine.....then when the bus stopped I felt -100% fine.

I already knew I was on my period and had a pad on. When I stood up, I could just feel it gushing down and the warmth. When I get off the bus there is a crowd of people who go to JVS and C cap. Which is a place where terrible people go. I already know I bled through, and to get to my locker I have to walk past the whole high school! Then we get to the middle school. So instead of waking to the gym (where we meet) I just go to the office and call my mom. The lady didn't even give af about me. She heard me say that I bled through. When I got off the phone she told me to get out! I was like daaaaaaamn!

So, I just causally walked around the hall with my huge blood stain and right into my first period class. Twenty eight minutes later the office called the teacher saying that my mom brought in new pants. I got up and walked in front of the whole class and walked out. Honestly... I didn't give af. When I changed people asked me why I changed my pants... so I said "My vigina didn't like my outfit so it added some red roses at the bottom. I didn't like them so I changed it."