Moving in with boyfriend!

I'm moving in with my boyfriend! I just found out from my current job they are looking for someone else (I'm a temp). So I'm going to start looking for another position. My question is, should I look for something with longer hours? Since I was a temp, I worked very little. He makes his own hours so we were together a lot and often I would go do some of his work with him. I always slept at his house just all my stuff wasn't here because we were waiting for his roommate to move out. So I feel like it will be different even though he tells people I live here already. If I work longer hours 9-6 or 9-5, do y'all think that'll be better for our relationship? I don't want to get tired of each other and I still want to be able to have time apart even though we don't really have that now. Getting off at 6pm would really suck but I would have weekends off. Unsure of what to do with that or what.