We’ve dropped more

Jade • 💍12.04.2015 RJH02.03.2018💖 baby#2 due June 2021🥰

So on Wednesday I was at 3 and 70% and -2 and then this morning I went in to L& D for having contractions for 2 hours with out them really stoping and they checked me and said I was still a 3 almost 4 at 80% and -1 I’m so close but the pain is still killing me they gave me meds this morning to help with the pain they called it pre-labor or False Labor it can last up to two weeks if I have to deal with this pain any more I might die just ready for her to be here oh well if I can make it to Wednesday my ob said we will set a date for induction but I might not need it with they way things are going.