appreciation post..

Jessie 🌛 • Celine 💕❤️

ladies, speak up! if your SO is doing something that you don't like or bothers you, speak up and let him know. they're not mind readers.. you literally have to type out a 5 paragraph essay explaining what and why it bothers you.. and even then, they still don't get it lol.

a few months back i was always complaining, especially on this app. about how he'd never help me around the house, he wasnt lazy he was just brought up in a home where the women 'cater' to the men... but way too much. it wasn't like that in my home so we bumped heads, a lot. finally, four years later, our baby is 1 year and 6 months and he FINALLY helps me out. i know some of you are thinking 'what? that's not a big deal, that's his responsibility that's what he's SUPPOSED to do'... but if you have a man like mine used to be, you understand the joy im feeling.

i didn't even ask him to sort this super full basket of socks, undies and bras i was avoiding 😂 he just started doing it because he seen i was busy and in a hurry so we can shower and sleep. it's just little things like these that make me so happy and glad he's changed. it used to be fights every single day because he would always nag at me when i was so busy and of course when your stressed you say hurtful things and it'd just get out of control..

little by little we're working on each other.. you don't always have to put up with something you don't like. speak up and come to a compromise!

he's not naked btw, he's in his boxers 😂