hello ladies


so a bit of a back story..... my first born son Wyatt was 2 months old when he passed away from SIDS. we had a loss at 6w gestation, after then we had our Rainbow son 2 years later on the same day he will be 3years old soon. then we had 2 losses at 6w gestation again. had our ranbow son 2 years later in May of last year hes 8 months. we found put we were pregnant on Christmas day, the next morning I started bleeding I assumed it was a chemical or we lost the baby. I never tested again till AF didnt show this month. Glow says Im 5w 5d along. Im planning on going and getting some blood work done Monday to find out exactly how far along I am. Im so scared that we will lose this baby :( Im praying this bean is a sticky one.