3 Miscarriages, Now Testing!


I had 2 miscarriages last year, one of them turned out to be a complete molar pregnancy which I had to have an op to remove, luckily no further treatment was needed. This was September 2016. We decided to try again last year and I fell on again but miscarried for the 3rd time October 2017.. they all happen around 6/7 weeks, I have now been referred to recurrent miscarriage clinic and am currently awaiting blood results. Feeling scared of what they may say but glad they are finally looking in to it, is there a chance this could just be one of those things? Or has anybody had it and found reasoning for it. If anybody can shed any light on the situation I would be most grateful, as at the minute I just can’t take my mind off worrying about it all! And will I ever have a healthy baby?