Alright ladies, wtf is going on with me? I started my last period on November 27th. That went until the 30th. My husband and I are TTC and December was the first time to try. Ovulation test said I was ovulating on December 13th. Husband and I had lots of relations around that time. Fun stuff! Around the end of December, I had a 3 week span of nausea and tired and crappy feeling. I have still not gotten my period. It’s been 63 days in this cycle. My boobs hurt, I’m tired. I just feel like poop. But the weird part, I’ve taken 4 HPT’s and they have all come back negative. WTF is wrong with me? I have a doctors appt on the 6th of February but damn, I am so pissed off at my body. I keep feeling like I am going to start. Cramps, I have had a few spotting sessions where nothing came out but there was blood when I wiped. It took my husband and I 8 fucking years to conceive our almost 2 year old daughter and I’m just like HOORAY I MIGHT BE PREGNANT ON THE FIRST TRY! But then I am also like MY FUCKING BODY IS A BITCH AND ITS JUST FUCKING WITH ME!

What should I do!?!? Help 😕


Still no period or positive pregnancy test. I’m so over it and I hate myself.