Should I leave?!

I am dating a 22 year old and I’m 19 we have a 1 year old baby girl and for him my daughter is his second baby his first daughter is 5 years old ... I found a couple weeks back that I was pregnant I told him and his reaction wasn’t the best he avoided me for 5 straight days after that we talked and we decided it would be best if we do abortion ( I was on birth control the patch ) we decided that was the best option bc he has plans and I have plans for the future and we can’t afford for the baby but now I feel like I’m being selfish like I should just leave and let him do whatever he wants with his life and I would totally let him see his kids but I feel like I would ruined his life if I tell him I change my mind it doesn’t feel right to me anymore to take away a life by time I’m on the process I’ll be 10 weeks it would already have a heart beat it would already move around it would already have feet and hands .. I know it would up to me but I’m so confused and need advice .