My experience with implanon



I’m 17 and i’ve been on birth control since i was 13. It started of by only during vacations because we’d travel to far countries where it would suck to be on my period.

After i turned 16 i started using it more because i got in contact with boys ofcourse. I instantly noticed i kept forgetting that god damn pill.

Just last week (Jan 19th 2018) i decided to let my docter put in the implanon.

I am in a steady relationship of 1,5 years and i just want to be sure i won’t end up with a baby.

So here is how it goes.

My docter gave me a note to pick the implanon with the injector up at the pharmacy, after that i went to the doctor (i had a appointment with.

I layed down on one of those beds and he started to clean my skin with that brown stuff.

He was super nice and told me every step he was taking along the way.

He injected an anastetic (idk if thats the correct word) (and only on the arm spot ofc) and he waited (like 10 sec) for it to kick in. When it kicked in he made a small incision and put the injector inside (which i didn’t feel shit of) then after he dis that he pulled it out again and the implanon was in.

He put a bandage on it and it was done and i think i was done in 5 minutes.

The first week it will kinda hurt, if u bump against it etc and it will get bruised.

But now i dont feel anything of it anymore.

It works for 3 years and it’s super easy.

It depens on the person, but there is a big possibility you won’t be on your period again untill you get it out (Which is hella fine by me).