Precognitive dreams!


My mom and I both experience visions in our dreams. Last September a friend of mine told me she saw me pregnant with a baby girl. She said he Baby will look like my mother in law (she passed in August) and even have her personality! I was excited! My hubby and I were trying and he told me years ago he would def name his daughter after his mom (before we knew she was sick).

I also had a dream that I had a baby girl. 2 months ago my mom had a dream that I had a baby girl. I had two positive pregnancy test dreams and on 1/13 the dream woke me up at 6 A.M. and I had to test! Low and behold it was positive but actually played out just like my dream! I’m 5 weeks and last night had a dream that we found out it was a girl at the sonogram appointment! I can’t wait for the first appointment 2/23/18! Baby girl will be named after mother in law , middle name after my mom! But if it’s a boy I will be equally ecstatic! I have no preference ! Baby girl would be named:

Yira Sumaya Moya (Yira pronounced Gee-rra ) and nickname of GiGi ❤️❤️❤️

Anything like this happen to anyone else ??