Hi ladies! I just wanted to share my experience with Vitex.

I had my last depo shot March 2017 and didn't get my period until Oct 2017. Ive been having 15 day cycles so basically I was getting my period every other week. Well, I decided to try Vitex to try and regulate my cycle and get it back to normal (I had 28-30 day cycles before the Depo shot.

I started taking Vitex 1/19/18 (11 days ago). I was pleasantly surprised when My cycle went from 15 days long to 20 days long this month! I'm hoping next month my cycle will extend some more with continuing to take Vitex 🤞🏼I just thought I would share my story in case there's others out there with very irregular cycles after depo :)

(Also, my cramps were BARELY there this month and my flow was way lighter than normal! I read Vitex can help with heavy flows/cramps so that was also an added bonus).