I might have am STD... help pls

So, I have been having some problems lately. I have been having some UTI like symptoms and I didn't really think anything of it because I've had multiple UTIs before. But today I went to the doctor and they said I didn't have a UTI but they wanted to do some STD tests.... Well that made me think of other problems I've been having. Like when me and my bf have sex sometimes it will burn. And I was having discomfort and a weird smell down there but when i went in last time they said it was just bv so i didnt think to get tested then. But now im really worried cuz I've been with more than a few people. While I used condoms during vaginal intercourse with everyone except my bf, I didnt use anything while giving head. I am concerned cuz I know i made mistakes while i was sleeping around but i stopped when i met my bf. Now I'm concerned that i may have something and i may have given it to him. I have to wait 2 weeks for the results to come back but in the meantime i could use some support from y'all. So if you're just gonna come on this post to tell me how stupid I was, then please just leave and keep scrolling because I know I did some very dumb things. I dont need you to tell me.