Twin loss & gastroschisis diagnosis

Tiffany • Hello I`m 28 and married. I have one healthy Son and 3 angels and a gastroschisis rainbow girl! 💚🌈

I posted a while back that at my first ultrasound I found out I was pregnant with twins. I'm high risk so I have an ultrasound at every appointment Well at my second ultrasound at 12 weeks one of my twins no longer had a heartbeat and even more my surviving baby will be born with a abdominal wall defect called gastroschisis. I'm 14weeks 3days today and I don't know how to feel I'm a wreck I'm so grateful to have this baby but I'm grieving my other one and I'm terrified about the the future. Do any of you have any experience with gastroschisis? I would love to read some first hand stories!