We lost our baby


Me and my girlfriend where having a baby we where expecting In June 5th then just found out the few days ago at the hospital it was wrong it’s June 12 after struggling for a couple months with my girlfriend would bleed a lot like really scary it put so much stress on us 2 months later with no blood or any problems we go see her doctor they checked the whole baby out and everything was perfect then a day later my girlfriend notice something may be wrong we go to the er and turns out her water is low and her cervix is open 2.5 at 5 months and 5 days they said they couldn’t do anything to save the baby it needs to be at at least 22 which is a very low chance so my girlfriend just stayed on bed rest and did not move in the hospital but they where going to send her home on the third day a nurse checked the heart beat and could hear it out baby died I am the farther and I just can’t deal with it I am crying all the time and broke down more then the mother