Anyone there?

Ok ladies, I’m on the fence about a few things. I want to share with you my period length + luteal length per month for the last 11 months. I want to see if y’all have any advice for me.

March I do have my yearly check up with obgyn and plan to tell her (if we don’t get pregnant before that) how it’s been a year of trying. I’ve thought about trying Vitex or maybe a progesterone cream but want to see what y’all think. So here goes.

Back story I also have had issues with spotting (12 days before my period) for several years now. I strongly believe it was from a seasonal birth control I was on, because I was fine prior to trying that. My doctor did ultra sound 2.5 years ago when the spotting was going on for awhile and everything was fine. She checked my ovaries as well and saw a follicle but that was 2 years ago. I was able to get the spotting down to 1-3 days spotting recently by adding vitamin b6 to help with progesterone!! I count luteal days from ovulation, (my ovulation I assuming based off of positive Opk + ovulation cramping which I usually always always always get on my right side. I do not bbt.) so I count my luteal days to when SPOTTING starts not my period. I will do a luteal phase to spotting and a luteal phase to actual period, im not sure what I should actually count as my luteal days.

So here goes:

March + April (just started trying and was still having ongoing issue with spotting)

March: 30 day cycle, 8 days of spotting, 8 day luteal phase

April: 27dc, 11 days spotting, 4 day luteal phase

******May STARTED TAKING VITAMIN B6 for spotting, using opks + preseed

May: 29 dc, 4 days spotting *huge improvement for me just from starting vitamin b6 (unsure of luteal didn’t do opks until mid May for June period)

June: 28 dc, 3 days spotting, 12 day luteal to spotting, 15 to period

July: 26 dc, 3 days spotting, 11 day luteal to spotting, 14 to period

August: was a bad month, I had a horrible negative attitude the whole time and was discouraged ttc, I skipped opks this month and had a horrible spotting month. Stress?

31 dc, 7 days spotting, unsure luteal

End of August-September: 26 dc, 3 days spotting, 12 day luteal to spotting, 15 to period

September: 29 dc, 2 days spotting, 13 day luteal to spotting, 15 to period

October: 26 dc, 1 day spotting, 14 day luteal to spotting, 15 to period

November *i stopped taking vitamin b6 🙄 I was just afraid of being on it when I do get pregnant, I shouldn’t have stopped.

26 dc, 5 days spotting, 8 day luteal to spotting , 13 to period

December: 32 dc, 2 days spotting, 10 day luteal to spotting, 12 to period

January: I took a break from opks this month, and didn’t feel any of my normal cramping this month. So unsure of luteal days or if I even ovulated.

26 dc, 3 days spotting.

Disclaimer: my periods are typically about 5-7 days long. Usually day one and two are pretty heavy, then lighten up. My cramps are average In September, October and November they were a little tougher (like when I was young and first started my period.) but since then and normally nothing that a little heat and Advil can’t help.

If you took the time to read all that, thank you!

I just want some ideas of what y’all think. I know I’m irregular but I also no I’m not as irregular as some. And yes March I will go to the doctor. But like I said I was wondering if Vitex would help (I have read of people with regular cycles getting messed up, I know mine is irregular but I also know I’m not going weeks and weeks with the frustration of no period coming so I’m not trying to make myself sound like “poor me” just looking for some opinions from some ladies that may know more than me. ❤️ blessings and thank you so much.