Should I go to the hospital?

Alright so, I’m 7 months pregnant and throughout my whole pregnancy it’s been a BREEZE! I found out at 5weeks and 6 days that I was pregnant because I went to the hospital due to bad gastritis problems (ive always had) and my stomach was so MESSED UP with bad over growth of acid. They told me what they always tell me, cut down on foods with acids in it, but this is literally the hardest thing in the world for me! But after 3 weeks after that of pain I couldn’t bare it. I thought to myself was food really that important to keep myself in constant pain? So of course, I changed my eating habits a lot! and ever since then my stomach felt no pain and my pregnancy has been a breeze!!!!! I’ve never had morning sickness, I’ve never had cramps, stomach pains of any sort, headaches or anything. My pregnancy has literally been the easiest thing. The only small thing that has happened to me was meat aversion (if that’s the correct way to say it) I couldn’t bare the thought of eating meat . It just grossed me out. But never made me sick to the point where I had to vomit. It just turned my stomach when I thought about it touching my tongue (i don’t know, weird right?) but that problem only stood for about a month . WELL, the flu has been going around bad and I’ve been camping out in my room because everyone in my household has gotten sick, of course I come out occasionally to pick my husband up from work or to eat but I really can’t afford to get sick being pregnant. I have no symptoms of the flu, no runny nose, no headaches, no body aches, nothing. But my stomach keeps getting waves of burning pains from the bottom to the top these past 5 days to the point where it’s hard to stay still and I have lost my appetite and occasionally I feel super nauseas (and I know the nausea thing is typical in pregnancy I’ve just never felt sick before, no nausea anything so it’s ODD to me, it happens right when the burning happens). I still have no symptoms after 5 days going on 6 and I’m not sure if I Should I go to the hospital to check on the baby and to take a flu test? I have a doctors appointment in a week, but I’m just too concerned because my belly has yet to feel any pain of any sort being pregnant.

I’m a first time mother so my mind is thinking the worse but also I know it’s okay to think the worse. Any advice?

Thank you!