Birth Story🤱🏻❤️

Vicky • •FTM🤱🏻 •18 •Married👫❤️ •Brigitte Aracely 👶🏻❣️

After waiting so long to finally meet my princess , I get to tell my birth story 2 weeks later .

FTM , I was being induced Sunday night 1/14 due to High Blood Pressure & being 1 1/2 cm dilated , they started my IV Drip and first dose of Cervadile pill at 7:00 pm , nothing to worry about no pain no nothing . At 4:00 am I got my second dose and no contractions yet . They were going to start my Pitocin at exactly 8:00 am but luckily my water broke at 7:28 am I was already 3 cm and no need of it . By 1:00 pm my contractions started picking up little by little but nothing I couldn’t handle, so no pain meds . At 4:25 pm my contractions were so unbearable I asked for the epidural which was nothing to what people would tell me it would , I felt nothing but a tiny little pinch after the medicine went in I felt relieved no pain at all , 30-45 mins went by and I started feeling my contractions again but this time way worse I was luckily already 7 cm dilated so I asked for a dose up and everything felt amazing again . 7 pm came and I was 9 cm dilated I took a small nap and by 8:00 I was at a 10 boy was I ready to push my “big girl” out we did 4 practice pushes and her head was coming down little at a time . 8:20 my midwife came in and said “Hit me with that baby girl on the chest” 2 big pushes my baby girls head was out already on the last push I told my husband “I have to poop so bad” and better yet my midwife said one small push and she’s all out , her wish came true took a big ass breathe and pushed as hard as I could & baby girl came right at her chest exactly at 8:28 pm weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces. My baby girl was such a small baby compared to all my ultrasound pictures . After 25 long hours of labor and 30 minutes pushing y’all

Meet little Ms . Brigitte Aracely Chacon .😍❣️