gave birth in ambulance! long story!


i was 33wks pregnant, feeling fine and all. until after i had sex w my SO, i started having cramps and contractions every 5mins, wasnt painful. i did some research and it says sex can cause intense bratxon hicks. so i thought it was just that and im too early to give birth. i brushed it off and went to sleep. woke up 1am and the contractions were getting painful and i had the urge to poop. i got up, did more research, went to use the bathroom. and my water broke, but i wasnt sure if it was my SOs cum or if my water broke. so i brushed it off and was worried a bit, thinking if i should go to the hospital or not. the contractions became so painful and i felt the need to push. i started bleeding and woke up my SO. i was sobbing w no tears and whining to my SO we need to go now! he was so mad, he ask me why im having baby so early. i screamed idk, just hurry up! he rushed to get dressed and rushed to get our 1yr old. i couldnt walk anymore so he helped me in the car. i fely like i was gonna have him any min, so i screamed my SO to just call an ambulance. i might as well have him in the house cause hes coming. but then i felt like they all took forever to get here. 4 cops showed up w a medic, waiting for an ob to come. it was so embarassing lol i was screaming and moaning to them that im gonna have him now! lol. so embarassing and they all didnt know what to do. they took me in and i judt went down to the floor by the door, and moaned lol. the ob finally showed up, checked my cervix, and told me we have to go to the hospital. they carried me to the ambulance as i moan loudly in every contractions. i ask the ob for an epidural and he said its too late for one. finally felt the need to push when they got me in, the ob stook his hand in my vagina and i scream in pain as he did it. he told me to push because babys there, i did one push, and out he goes. i was screaming so loud as he goes out cause it was painful. lol. it probably hurted all their ears. it was so embarassing. i feel like im the only one like this when in labor. sorry, cant stay calm when it comes to labor. 😂