fiance cheated&got one night stand pregnant


on 8-5-2017 my fiance and i were fighting i didnt know what was going on or why we were fighting&out; of no where he says i cheated on you&shes; pregnant&shes; is keeping it&i; was like you f**in with me and he shows me a text&i; go crazy on him i start leaving& he is trying to stop me from going im getting even more angry&i; leave for 6hours im bawling my eyes out& he is calling&texing; me to come home& hes sorry, so much is going on in my mind&THINKING; WHY ME WHY THIS!!WHY Am I NEVER ENOUGH😢😭😓!! we been together5yrs  i was devistaed because we were planning to have a baby that year! NOW FASTFORWARD A LIL BIT                    the months from agust to december were aweful had so many fights&breakdowns; i cant even count, hes told me countless times he is going to be with me&be; in his childs life&has; made it clear to the "babbymomma"she knew what it was from the start&hes; not going to be with her&made; it clear to her but i know she wanys him like that i see it in her fb posts&when; he makes comments like i done told that b**ch i dont want her like that I JUST WANT TO BE IN MY CHILĎS LIFE. i have mentiond stepping aside so the babymom would let him see his child cause im worried ahe may keep child away from him since she wants him&he; got all emotional crying&upset;&says; f** that i will go a leagal route if nessary.I HAVE TRY TO MAKE PEACE BY INVITING HER OVER COUNTLESS TIMES SINCE WE WILL BE COPARENTING BUT SHE WONT PUT HER "PRIDE"TO THE SIDE&COME; WHEN IM HOME.also he says its his problem&to; stay out of it cause i juat make it worse but im the one put smack in the middle of this is he right somewhat?ALSO he says iCANT BE AT HOSPITAL WHEN SHE DELIVERS EVEN THO I SEEN MESSAGES WHERE SHE ASK IF IM COMING SO SHE CAN PREPARE FOR WHEN I COME WHATEVR THAT MEANS! and he says no. dont know what to do or what im supposed to do HELP ME! i wish i could do a vlog.