BFP after MC or leftover HCG



Advice needed please ladies!

I had a MC on 8/12 at 5 weeks. For some reason my HCG levels took forever to come down. Last blood test was last weds 24/01 and my level was 15. I then took a few digital tests over a few days which were all negative. Prior to this I had my period on 06/01 and I’m pretty certain I ovulated around 11 days ago...I tested using a FRER yesterday and got the faintest line ever, you can’t really see it from my photo below but it is definitely there. Whilst this gave me a bit of hope I do know that FRER are sensitive so it could be picking up very low levels of leftover HCG which I assumed to be the case ...I tested again today and the line is now visibly much darker...this suggests the HCG is now higher and therefore this could be a new pregnancy yes? It’s still early days given my DPO so I haven’t done a digital yet but will do in a day or so...any thoughts? I’m so hopeful this is a new pregnancy but worried it could still be remnants. The fact it is darker is a good sign though surely 🤞🏻