Hello ladies! So at 9DPO I finally got my BFP!! YAY! However I've been so nervous and confused since. I got my BFP in the afternoon on 9DPO. When I tested with FMU on 10DPO it was positive but almost non-existent. So of course I instantly am worried about a Chemical. I decided to test again that day at the same time as I got the positive the day before. Tho and behold an even darker BFP than the day before. I was so happy! I just tested with FMU again this morning at 11DPO, and again very light. I know I should be happy but I'm honestly scared out of my mind! Could this be because I got my BFP super early? (AF not due until 2/4) I read that some women have higher levels in the afternoons and not with FMU. I don't know of anyone that that's true for. So if you have any ideas or if you are someone who has higher levels in the afternoon, please share with me! Thank you so much in advance! P.S. I will test again this afternoon at the same time and hope for another, darker BFP! 🤞🤞