,He promised he wouldn't be like the others ..


so me and my husband have been together for 5 years and married for 2 and a half .. when we first met, I opened up and told him about the abusive men I had been with in my past .. And he swore on his brother who had passed away just months after we met that he would NEVER lay a finger on me .. last night I came home from a good day at work and he was already drunk again .. he's been drinking a lot constantly lately .. last night though, he was in a bad mood so he kept yelling at me over little things.. then he was trying to "toughen me up" by saying a whole bunch of horrible things to me .. He said something and I said "I don't even know what that means" and he said "good. Cause if you gave me another answer, I woulda broke your nose." .. throughout the night he threatened to hit me in the face at least 4 or 5 more times and I was terrified of him .. I tried yo stand up for our dog who gets sick very easily and he said say it to my face and so I did cause that's my baby girl and I'm gonna stand up for her .. And when I did say it again, he pushed me really hard with his hands directly on my boobs and it hurt so bad .. I'm really sore .. any advice or input would be appreciated .. we don't have our counseling until this Sunday ..