the agonizing two week wait


So I'm not always this in tune with my body...but...this month has been different. after 10 years of irregularity I had my nexplanon implant out a year ago. we have been trying to conceive since. so far no luck although the trying has been fun let me tell you.

Normally I only know I'm ovulating because glow tells me. but this month...I'm pretty sure I ovulated yesterday or I will be today. about 2 days ago light cramping started coupled with a little nausea and some egg white CM. Normally it's not this evident but this month it is...

My hubby and I have been baby dancing like crazy this last week and plan to continue to today and tomorrow for sure and then whenever else we feel like it. but it seems my body is even more aware of the fact that I'm ovulating. sex drive way up (way more than normal lol).

Maybe this month is it. February is a sad month for me for many reasons. might be nice to finally get a happy memory. :)