The Two Week Wait


Currently on the dreaded TWW 😉 last month I got my hopes up so high for that BFP that when it didn't happen I was crushed and out quite a bit of $$ from buying tests 😂 I know my body is still adjusting from being on the shot, seeing how last month's cycle was 14 days late and this months was 8 days early.. I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up this time round, as well as not throw as much $$ into buying tests lol I have two. My cycle is supposedlym due next Tuesday, never know it does what it wants 😉 I don't want to test until after AF is (hopefully) missed. I know I can't do this, I get too impatient. So I left my two tests on the counter for my husband with a note saying "Hide them well" and instructions not to hand them over under any circumstances before next Friday 2/9. Fingers crossed that AF doesn't show before Then! I'm already dying!! 😉😂