(TMI 🤮) UPDATE!! Holding in your poo for days (nearly a week😩😫) when you’re spending time at your SO’s relatives place

Aaaarghh I’m dying and feeling so miserable I have to poo for days and I don’t want to cause my partner’s sisters house (where I am Rn) is a small apartment with 1 bathroom and lots of relatives live here I’m just so embarrassed of pooping it sounds silly but the struggle is real

I HAVE TO SHIT SO BAD plus they’re Hispanic don’t get me wrong the food is amazing but my stomach can not handle spicy im pretty sure my solid poo turned into diarrhea already and i just keep it in 😫😫😩 I been keeping farts in too the most I can sometimes I just can’t help it so I make sure I’m alone and loaded on body lotion/body mist whenever i know my body will force its gas out 😭😭

I don’t wanna make it sound dramatic but me and my partner haven’t been together for THAT long (enough to pass gas in front of each other occasionally) so that’s another reason (him) that prevents me from having the guts to run to the bathroom and let it all out ugh

And I’m already such a self conscious kind of person I wish I wasn’t holding it in like that sounds dumb but I was wondering if anybody else been trough the same or similar situations at the beginning of their relationship?

Can’t wait to get past this phase of our relationship so annoying 😫😫😫

UPDATE: Girls I just pooped and oh my god it never felt so good before I literally feel like I lost a couple pounds! Lmao!!

I know itsgross and ridiculous too!! I shouldn’t have done that to myself I’m just so self conscious can’t explain!! I finally got the chance just now because his entire family left for church and he went to see a friend which I was RUSHING him to leave the house lmao he seemed confused lmao now I’m relieved but worried st the same time cause I dunno when I’ll get the chance to shit again! Lol 😫 fr