Questions for other RN mamas

I am newer to the acute care setting (6mo) and work on a medical unit. I have some questions for other acute care RNs or other healthcare professionals. I was in a nurse manager role last time I was pregnant and did not provide direct patient care - So this time I have lots of questions about safety while pregnant. Please note, I am still only 4 weeks, 4 days pregnant, so it’s still REALLY early.

1. What types of patients should I try to avoid? My other RN friends said shingles, flu, and chemo. However, I’m not a surgical nurse like them, so there are TONS of flu patients on my floor. What is realistic for a medical nurse?

2. When should I tell my charge nurses, nurse manager? I don’t want to tell them too soon and have the pregnancy not thrive, but so also want baby to be safe.

3. Any other helpful info to navigate acute care while pregnant would be greatly appreciated!