HELP: 🛑🛑Does he like me?!?

So I’ve known this guy for as long as I can remember, he doesn’t go to my school. The only time I see him is when we hang out with another friend we both have. All 3 of our families are friends- a boy his age. I’ve liked him for about a year. Many times I catch him staring at me. Many times it has happened that I laugh or giggle and he looks at me and smiles. Also, he also shows off his muscles many times. But the thing is that, when we are with the other boy, the guy I like always talks, but when we are left alone he barely talks. But one time I started a conversation by asking a question and he kept talking for a long time.

I do not have his number or snapchat or anything. And he is 2 years older than me.

Does he like me? What should I do? Advice?