Nausea help 🤢🤢

I think I might have hyperemesis, my mom had it with me and she said she thinks I have it too. I’m nauseous 24/7, went to the ER the other day for fluids because I kept nothing down for 36 hours but all they did was give me reglan. Got a scrip for reglan and I’ve been taking it but it’s not helping much, I keep some stuff down but the nausea is still unbearable. I don’t know what to do 😫 I work in a restaurant and I can’t work due to the smell of food and I can’t keep water down. I find out if my yolk sac has a baby with it in 2 days and I feel so horrid that when I’m vomiting sometimes I hope for a second that it isn’t a viable pregnancy and that makes me feel like such a shitty person 😓 I’m at a loss right now, I’ve tried everything I know of