5 days late, negative pregnancy test

Hey ladies! I need some advice.

I'm officially 5 days late and I tested yesterday but I got a BFN. Recently I was sick and took antibiotics. I finished these about 2 weeks ago. We're not using protection so this isn't a case of failing protection, but I was wondering if the antibiotics might have thrown my cycle out of whack?

Consulted my mom and she told me to take a a test when I'm a week late (Sunday). I have symptoms I usually get with PMS but my nipples are so sore I can't touch them without wincing. Cramping (mild), back pain, nausea (comes and goes), exhausted even after a full night's rest. Good times.

My fiancee and I weren't preventing but we weren't trying so we'd be happy if we are pregnant.

Just curious with the flu season as terrible as it is if anyone had cycle issues because of antibiotics?