Relationship win!

Becks • 21. Married. 0 kids

So my husband and I were at our local grocery store, in the drug store section, and we are just walking along and he goes, "Don't you need tampons? Doesnt you period start here in the next few days? " Y'ALL I ALMOST FLIPPED MY SHIT. I hardly ever talk about my period (not ashamed, just doesnt ever come up), and this boy just nonchalantly brings it up. The crazy thing is, I have long cycles and tend to forget when I start and was like "I don't think I start for a while." Then he looked at me with "that look." So just for shits and giggles I pull out my trusty <a href="">Eve</a> app and low and behold I'm supposed to start THE NEXT FUCKING DAY. My husband knows my cycle better that me 😂 Only took 6 years. I think I'll keep him 🤣😂