Not “queen worthy” 😡😡

So me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 5 years and I’m currently 7 months pregnant with our daughter... I’m white and he is black... I always see myself marrying this man I mean we are starting a family together... until he said that I’m not “worthy of being called a queen”... so lemme back this up to the beginning. I was scrolling through Facebook and a guy had posted this whole controversy going on about actors from the movie Black Panther bringing their white-queens (their wives) to the movie premiere. I showed my boyfriend and he just began laughing and then continued to say “that shit just don’t sound right, white women and queen don’t belong together”... I was completely shocked!! Like no way this is my boyfriend of 5 years saying that white women can’t be called Queen... so I asked him what he considers me then since I’m white and white women cant be queens.. am I just some peasant or something?? What will he consider our daughter!? He said “babe chill I’m just saying black women are queens like my mom and sister you know.. your not really worthy of being called a queen cuz your like white you know and our daughter ain’t full black so I don’t know ahahaha” I simply asked... “so I treat you like not just a man but an absolute king and you treats me as if I’m a queen yet I still wouldn’t deserve that title!?” He stayed quiet and refused to speak on the matter anymore... I feel any woman that treats her man like a man/king and acts like a queen should deserve the title queen... she shouldn’t be held any lower than another woman based on her skin... I’m still in shock that he really feels this way over white women..