Keep hope!


Ladies, I just wanted to share my story on TTC. Me and the hubby had been trying for 1 and 1/2 years, I was having issues. Started losing weight, went to dr and got on a medication to regulate my periods which it didn’t, well the last month I tested I literally broke down to my MIL saying I thought I would never be able to have a baby and was just super upset. She told me it will happen when god wants it to happen. Not sooner not later. You should worry about when and you shouldn’t push yourself to make it happen that’s just bad for you.

I stopped fretting about it. Means hubby even slowed sex down. And not even 3 weeks I made an appt for unusual cramps. She comes in and asks when was my LMC, I immediately was like oh 3 months ago but I just took a test I’m not pregnant, and she looked down and kinda smiled and was like well these two say you are. Y’all I cried!!!

Come to find out after tracking, a quickie did it. A QUICKIE !!!!! Lol but girl don’t give up faith, just because it’s not now doesn’t mean it’s not forever!!! And remember god always does things for a reason, a reason you may not know or understand but he does!!