How far gone?

How far gone do I look? 2nd time mom.

Edit to add: this photo was taken a couple months pre-pregnancy..

whilst I was a still about 20-25 lbs over weight (was in process of losing weight) I had quite a flat stomach, as I tend to carry my weight more on my arms, bum, hips and thighs before anywhere else.

I posted this because I’m actually only 7 or 8 weeks pregnant (not had dating scan yet) and I seem to have absolutely ballooned like crazy! Like I said previously, I’ve always had a relatively flat stomach for a curvy/overweight girl. This is definitely not just bloat either, as it feels nothing like bloating and feels the exact same as my bump at around 14-16 weeks did with my son.

I’m a bit freaked out at how early I’m showing, and although I was expecting to show a little earlier this time around, was not expecting this!

Thanks for the replies x