Ok short intro for people who don't know what it is: it's an extreme emotional reaction (usually a feeling of aggression) to sounds like people eating, breathing in a certain way etc. It's something else than just being disgusted by the way somebody eats. It's like a trigger but why? No clue, because it makes no sense, I basically feel highly uncomfortable and aggressive when people keep themselves alive lol, but I've had this as long as I know. Some periods not so much, some periods a lot. I've been in therapy a lot, not for this (therapists acknowledged it but couldn't help with it), but usually irrational or out of line emotions is all about relativating thoughts to feel at ease and lessen your emotion. But there is no cognition involved here. I know it's ridiculous to get so emotionally intense on these sounds but I don't feel it's really in my control and I don't have the feeling I can relativate or something because there's not really a thought process going on. I don't act aggressively because I can keep my cool but people do notice something is bothering me and when I want to go to the cinema, I have to be sure to feel in a tolerant mood that day. My partner knows, but there's nothing he can really do about it. In the past I couldn't sit wit my sister but she also is just a really gross eater, but my partner is not and yet I still feel the same. Is there anybody on here who experiences the same and has some tricks and tips on how I can lessen the emotional intensity?