Just a thought

This is just something that's been bugging me lately but a comment on another post is what prompted me to post this. We really need to stop and concider the way we react to different things in relationships. This example I just saw was a comment saying that she'd broken a guys phone 3-4 over the course of a year over liking photos of other women in lingerie on Facebook (or that was what the tread was about, she didn't say it out right but it's not my point). I don't know why someone would think that's an acceptable thing to do. Be mad, sure that's reasonable, but to destroy someone else's property over it is crossing a line.

We need to start thinking about our actions as if the roles were switched. If a friend came to you saying her boyfriend had done the same thing, would you think something's wrong or would you concider it normal?

My point is we need to stop and think. This isn't the only example, merely the most recent.