What is going on?? **update**


Got a BFP finally! It grew darker for 2 days. Got slightly lighter on the 3rd day and all but disappeared on the 4th day. Got a blood test on day 4 that said I was pregnant but that my levels were low. (Mind you I still haven't missed my period, due tomorrow) Then because I just can't help myself I tested with FMU on day 5 and got a much darker line, looked like the line from day 2. Followed by a slightly darker line that afternoon! I had the slightest amount of spotting on day 4, so little I almost missed it. That's the day my levels dropped. Does anyone have any freaking idea what's going on? Yes I know that I'm freaking myself out. I truly am trying to relax but I'm terrible at it! lol Thank you in advance! **Just took this at 4:00pm, day 6. I'm so confused as to how I'm getting a good positive after they dropped off.