To Pacifier or not?!

Crystal 30, First time Mom expecting a baby Girl ❤

So I work at a daycare and I've noticed some babies don't use pacifiers because their parents want them to learn how to self soothe. I originally didn't think much about it but now that I am pregnant and been working with the babies and toddlers recently, I have noticed that some babies that use pacifiers cry more because they are crying for it. However it may just be their temperament idk. I just wonder what do yall think about giving a pacifier when the baby begins to cry and risking the baby getting addicted to it and crying for it. I understand the self soothing tactic better now but when your actually in the situation with a crying baby do you just give in and use a pacifier?! Idk I know I was pretty crazy about my pacifier. My mom said they would have to run to the store in the middle of the night if they couldn't find mine and i think i even used it until i was 5. So I guess that's why I am scared.