Don’t judge me. 😔


I’m 18 years old me and my Nicaraguan boyfriend had sex January 11 and now I am pregnant. I knew when the doctors told me that I was pregnant I couldn’t keep the baby.. 😞 I called my brother and told him the only person i could trust about it. I already knew i wanted an abortion because my parents wouldn’t let me live in the house anymore. We also live in Atlanta. My boyfriend wouldn’t mind having the baby with me but him and I both know he can’t come here because he hasn’t finished school yet and we both aren’t financially stable for a child. I told him the only other option we had and he cried with me on the phone. This is the saddest and worst experience i have faced ever and i wish i didn’t have to go down that route but i can’t carry a baby for 9 months with the way my family is 😞😞😞😞